A Guide to Choosing Your Power Suit

A power suit is designed to send a message of confidence, authority, and a healthy dose of swagger. While you might be able to recognize a well-put-together outfit when you see one, it can be challenging to determine what separates an okay suit from one that makes looks extra sharp. Whether you are making a speech at an awards ceremony or want to look your best for a job interview, three crucial components convey power with your suit no matter the occasion; Fit, fabric, and style. Here is an infographic that helps break it down, continue reading for a few basics on how to make a lasting impression.

  • Stick to solid colored dress shirts, such as blue or white. These colors will allow you to accessorize and add darker tones or patterns elsewhere for contrast as well as function as a versatile part of your wardrobe that pair well with other jackets and ties. Make sure you press and clean stains from your shirt, so you can still display your self-assurance even after you remove your suit jacket.
  • Find a vibrant silk tie, preferably one with a darker shade to offset your lighter shirt underneath.
  • Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black suits are all viable color options. Consider how the color of your tie goes with the color of your suit. Keep in mind common eye-catching combinations; an emerald green tie with a dark blue suit, a royal purple tie with a gray suit, etc.
  • Accessories are often overlooked but can be critical for you to command attention. Invest in a dress watch, a pocket square, a leather belt, and proper dress shoes. Make sure that your shoes match your belt and that your watch matches any other jewelry.

Dress Up Your Mentality

When you look good, you feel good. Wear a suit that fits you right and gets heads turning, and your morale boost will make you feel inherently more capable, professional, and suave. Let Gallelli Formal Wear help look your best for whatever that occasion may be.

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Style Guide: An In-Depth Look at Selecting the Ideal Tie for Men

As the top-rated provider of suit jackets and more for Center City and beyond,Gallelli Formal wear understands how essential a tie can be to truly pull an outfit together. In fact, ties are a vital part of any dapper man’s wardrobe. They add a dash of refinement and elegance to a man and can be a stylish complement to any outfit — if they are worn properly. A key piece of knowledge for any man is how long their tie should be in relation to their outfit.

How Should a Tie Sit on an Outfit?

When worn, a tie should ideally touch somewhere around the middle point of your belt. Anything too low or too high looks terrible, as it makes an outfit look disproportionate, scattered, and unbalanced.

What About Tie Length?

When it comes to tie length, there is no hard and fast rule. This is because several factors can influence the way that a tie falls on your chest. For example, if you tie an overcomplicated knot, which uses a lot of fabric, you’ll need to purchase a longer tie; conversely, simpler knots will only need a small amount of material. NOt only that, but shorter men require shorter ties, and very tall men can look better with extra-long ties.

What About Tie Width?

As with any other accessories, ties should be proportionate to your body when it comes to their width. For this reason, men with larger frames should consider wearing broader ties, and men with narrow frames should purchase skinny ties. The majority of men sit somewhere in the middle and are best opting for a tie with an average width. 

Concerning precise measurements for tie width, most men fall into the average category. These guys should fair well with an average tie width of 3 ¼ inches, measured at the widest point of the tie.

How to Choose the Perfect Tie

Purchasing a good-looking tie should not be a difficult task. However, we recommend taking enough time to make sure that it fits well, matches your skin tone and clothing style, and looks good in terms of width and length.

How Long Should Your Tie Be if You’re Tall?

Here are some simple guidelines for men who require extra long ties:

-All men over 6’3″ should purchase extra long ties (62 “+).  

-Any men with neck size of 17.5 or larger should also purchase extra long ties

-The same can be said for men with a neck size of 16 – 17.5 and who are between 5’11” and 6’3″ tall, especially those with longer torsos.

-Average-sized men should wear standard ties. These are usually 56-58 inches long.

-There are XXL ties available for very tall men. These ties are roughly 66 inches long and are designed for men 6’7″ and above.

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Four Tips to Help Grooms Dress to Impress on Their Wedding Day

For men, it’s essential to let the bride-to-be enjoy the limelight as she wears a stunning dress on your wedding day. However, being a well-dressed groom is equally important to her. Many times, men have a hard time choosing the perfect suit for their wedding day. However, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience, and for that reason, we’ve created this post to offer some key tips to help you dress to impress on your big day.

Decide on a Wedding Day Dress Code

Choosing a dress code is essential, and it’s worthwhile explaining it to your guests as early as possible. Make sure that you cater to the environments in which the wedding and any other celebrations will take place. For instance, if you’re moving from a church ceremony to a beach party, it’s worth reminding guests to bring a change of clothing or footwear.

Buy Your Wedding Clothes Early

Men should start preparing their wedding outfit at least a few months before their wedding day for the following reasons:

To Avoid Stress – Wedding days are stressful enough without having to worry about last-minute accessories and alterations. Choosing and buying your wedding outfit a few months ahead takes the pressure off the weeks leading up to the big day.

To Save Money – Men who buy their groom outfit close to the date of their wedding day end up spending more. With upfront planning, you will be able to try on your outfit and pay for any tailoring requirements well in advance. Also, if any unique materials or items need to be ordered, you will avoid costs on special delivery and last-minute emergency alterations.

Try On Your Wedding Day Outfit

Once you have picked out your outfit, it’s time to try it on and “practice” wearing it. This means putting all of the clothing on and wearing it for a while to make sure that it is comfortable and fits correctly. However, be extra cautious not to damage the outfit in any way!

If you choose a suit over a tuxedo, you have the option to wear it on multiple occasions after the wedding. We offer a variety of suits and suit jackets in all styles for residents of Center City and the surrounding areas. If carefully selected, this outfit could last you for many years — as long as it’s comfortable and adequately looked after. Also, break in any shoes so that they remain comfortable throughout the wedding day celebrations.

Look Your Absolute Best at Your Wedding Celebration

Style your hair, polish your shoes, make sure your suit is immaculate. Straighten up your pocket handkerchief, put on your best watch, apply some cologne, and smile. 

Your wedding day photographs should last a lifetime, so you’ll want to look like the best version of yourself. Dressing sharp on your wedding day is a sign of great respect to your partner, yourself, and all the family and friends that are celebrating alongside you. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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