A Guide to Choosing Your Power Suit

A power suit is designed to send a message of confidence, authority, and a healthy dose of swagger. While you might be able to recognize a well-put-together outfit when you see one, it can be challenging to determine what separates an okay suit from one that makes looks extra sharp. Whether you are making a speech at an awards ceremony or want to look your best for a job interview, three crucial components convey power with your suit no matter the occasion; Fit, fabric, and style. Here is an infographic that helps break it down, continue reading for a few basics on how to make a lasting impression.

  • Stick to solid colored dress shirts, such as blue or white. These colors will allow you to accessorize and add darker tones or patterns elsewhere for contrast as well as function as a versatile part of your wardrobe that pair well with other jackets and ties. Make sure you press and clean stains from your shirt, so you can still display your self-assurance even after you remove your suit jacket.
  • Find a vibrant silk tie, preferably one with a darker shade to offset your lighter shirt underneath.
  • Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black suits are all viable color options. Consider how the color of your tie goes with the color of your suit. Keep in mind common eye-catching combinations; an emerald green tie with a dark blue suit, a royal purple tie with a gray suit, etc.
  • Accessories are often overlooked but can be critical for you to command attention. Invest in a dress watch, a pocket square, a leather belt, and proper dress shoes. Make sure that your shoes match your belt and that your watch matches any other jewelry.

Dress Up Your Mentality

When you look good, you feel good. Wear a suit that fits you right and gets heads turning, and your morale boost will make you feel inherently more capable, professional, and suave. Let Gallelli Formal Wear help look your best for whatever that occasion may be.

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