Debunking Five Popular Tuxedo Myths

Here at Gallelli Formal Wear, we provide and tailor high-quality formal wear and three-piece suits in the Manayunk area for all types of extravagant occasions. Our team of professional tailors and fashion designers have been helping men to look sharp for over thirty years, and over that period, we’ve heard just about every misconception about formal wear that you can think of. Now, we want to expose some of the most common tuxedo myths for anyone considering getting a tux for an upcoming formal event:

Myth #1: Tuxedos Are Uncomfortable

This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. The old days of stiff, formal shirts and over-starched collars are history. Unless for the outfit was manufactured in the 1930s, it will be just as comfortable as a regular suit and tie. This works on the assumption that your dress clothes have been tailored and properly fitted.

Myth #2: Tuxedos Cost Too Much

Many people claim that cost is one of the reasons they won’t wear a tuxedo, but this isn’t the truth. Tuxedo rental fees are incredibly affordable. These timeless outfits are the pinnacle of sharp, fresh, and understated elegance when it comes to dressing to impress. Those that claim that these items are too expensive should actually consider it an investment — and one that leaves you looking and feeling fantastic.

Myth #3: Tuxedos Make You Look Like a Butler

While a poorly fitting, cheap tuxedo could make you look like hired help, a smartly coordinated, well-tailored tux will make you look like a dapper professional. That’s why we provide full tailoring services for all of our tuxedos and formal wear items at Gallelli Formal Wear.

Myth #4: Tuxedos Are Old-Fashioned

There is a massive difference between old-fashioned and classic. “Old-fashioned” is a phrase used to coin something that is a product of a specific period, while “classic” describes something that transcends time. Tuxedos are a classic piece of fashion history, timeless in their elegance and their ability to make men look incredible, decade after decade.

Myth #5: Formal Wear Is Too Much Effort

With a well-fitting, tailored tux, men can look fantastic with minimal effort whatsoever. Formal wear is there to complement the male physique, sharpening a man’s features while making him look and feel a million dollars at the same time.

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