Tux Tips From the Pros

Immortalized by on-screen legends playing James Bond, the tuxedo has been around since the mid-1800s and is a pivotal part of the black-tie formal dress code. Here at Gallelli Formal Wear, we provide a varied selection of tuxedos from a range of designer brands and in several colors and styles. We offer an on-site alteration service to make sure that all our tuxedos fit our clients perfectly so that they can arrive at their special event looking and feeling sharp.

We’re sharing our favorite tips on how to wear a tuxedo below:

Pick the Right Neckwear

With many formal events allowing a long tie or a bow tie, we always recommend a bow tie. They complement the outfit perfectly, look smart, and are technically the correct form of neckwear to wear with a tux. If you’re out to impress with your tuxedo outfit, go for the bow tie.

Opt for a White Shirt

For certain events such as proms, black shirts are acceptable beneath a tuxedo. However, the contrast of a white shirt beneath a black coat is unrivaled by any other color combination. This contrast helps to add definition to a masculine figure, which is what tuxedos were designed to enhance.

Add Studs and Cufflinks

Although tuxedo shirts can be fastened with regular buttons, you improve the overall outfit and look much smarter by adding studs and cufflinks. It’s up to you which style of cuffs or studs that you choose to personalize your outfit. A basic silver set is often a great choice to sharpen an outfit without looking over the top.

Add a Pocket Square

Almost all tuxedo coats have a front pocket on the left side just above the chest. These pockets look much better with a pocket square inside. Adding this accessory to your formal outfit shows others that you care about your appearance and want to impress. The most formal type of fold is a narrow, straight edge fold.

The Pant Hem Must Be Perfect

The last thing anybody wants is a perfect tuxedo outfit being ruined by trousers that are too short. The trousers should have pant legs resting comfortably on the tops of the shoes. You don’t want to be showing off your socks when you sit down to eat. By getting the trousers just right, the entire outfit is complete.

Add Patent Leather Shoes

Plain, round-toed patent leather shoes truly complement a tuxedo outfit for a formal occasion. Try to avoid wearing tassels, square-toed shoes, and spats. NEVER wear sneakers, sandals, or slippers with a tux.

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